Sunday, October 28, 2012

Results are in...

I know everyone is anxiously waiting the results of the blood test and unfortunately I wish I had good news to report but the beta test came back negative. We are all very sad and disappointed but realize that this just wasn't our time. We appreciate all the continued support we are receiving from all of our friends and family and all of our readers here in blogland. We do see a rainbow after this storm and are excited to start our journey again with our last little totsicle we have waiting in the freezer. Please stay tuned to follow us on our next thrilling adventure!


  1. Found you through Maybe Babies... So sorry this wasn't your time. Hope the sting of it is wearing off a bit.. it took me awhile when my cycle didn't work. Sounds like you have an amazing sister. I'll be following along with you are story. You aren't alone. There are plenty of us out there in this journey. If you need any support or someone to chat with, let me know.

    Cheers, Clare (from Oregon.. now in Italy)

  2. So sorry that the beta was negative. Glad to know you will try again. We just had our daughter via surrogate (a dear friend) and another close friend we have, had her twins via surrogate too. (her sister!) I will continue to follow your blog. Good luck to you all.