Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Well as Brenna had posted we finished the transfer last Thursday (10/18). The whole experience was quite surreal, to think I could be carrying a baby or two just from visiting the doctor's, crazy! They completed the whole thing in about fifteen minutes and one of the main things I remember from the day (valium induced stupor) was the look on Brenna's when they said everything went perfect. She just sat there with the biggest smile and sitting on the edge of her seat, she looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. I had tears start to well up in my eyes just watching her!

So later that evening once we got home both Brenna and Jesse waited on me and watched my kids, this all felt really weird since I felt totally fine. But I did as the doctors ordered and even took it easy the following day. Saturday I was back to being mom with back to back soccer games in the morning, I have been fairly good at remembering not to pick up the kids, I only have a ten pound limited which the kids don't get!

Yesterday morning we got up super early to drive me to the airport so I could fly to Florida for a work conference!! This should help past the dreaded two week wait. I called the clinic to check up on few of my "rules", apparently NO swimming or rides!!! Ahhh! Let me clarify the last part, I'm in Orlando and my company has rented out both universal studios island adventure AND Disney Hollywood for the evenings for just our company! Oh well I guess I needed a reason to come back (with the kids of course)  :-)

Thanks for following, keep an eye out for our next post!

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