Saturday, November 3, 2012

Next steps

Hey everyone!

Thought I would give everyone an update on our plans. Tuesday the 13th we will meet our doctor to discuss our failed cycle and what would be the best to do next. We are really stuck and don't know what we should do next. Everyone knows we still have one little perfect blastocyst waiting in the freezer but it's only one. If we choose to do another cycle we could get more embryos to add to it to increase our chances (still can only put in two at a time though). Here's the thing though, we may have to get another donor and since the holidays are coming the clinic takes a break and we won't be able to start the process until January. We are confused and have no idea where we are headed yet but I do know one thing... I will do what it takes to be the mom that I dream to be!

We will let you know as soon as we make our decision as to what direction we take, in the meantime we would love some comments from our readers (if anyone is out there ;) ).


  1. Keep praying... Never lose faith - it'll happen when the time is perfect!!
    Thinking of you always pretty girl!!

  2. Thanks for being the fist comment! Miss seeing you!

  3. I found you through the Maybe Baby blog... I think you should go ahead and transfer the One! It may just stick! At least then you wouldn't be waiting around till January. Good luck!