Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Meds

Let me start off apologizing for the dates being slightly off, we decide to try this blogging thing after we had started our surrogacy journey.

Let's go back a couple of weeks! I received a call around Sept 11th from the company processing our meds asking when they could schedule delivery for all my supplies. I agreed Thursday the 13th would be the best date knowing I needed to start Lupon on the following Monday. Of course FedEx times it perfectly on Thursday, they deliver in the only 20 minute window no one was actually at home, my luck! They did leave a note stating they would try one more day before sending it back to the sender. Okay, so a little panic sets in, what if they deliver at the same time my son gets out of school? No worries, Friday delivery occurs with no incident and when I get home from work I see the box. There is no exciment with this box, actually the complete opposite. I begin to open the box and all of a sudden I start having a little panic attack! I decide to close it and come back later. Sunday I finally get the nerve to dig out the contents, just to see what is in store for Monday. Yup, of course, the bottom container says "Keep Refrigerated", awesome. So Monday morning I make a phone call to our clinic to find out what I should do about it not being refrigerated. Thankfully, the assured me no need to worry. Good, now I just needed to worry about the injections!

Okay let's talk about the injections. To contrary beliefs I do not have a fear of needles, just a fear of the pain they inflict! During the day I proceed to pick anyone and everyone's brain about how to administer the injection, during this same time Brenna is watch every YouTube video available. And once I get home from work she assures me that she is now an expert! Okay here we go. The first injection I don't look, grimice in the expected pain and nothing! Really?!? That was it, nope here comes some discomfort. It felt like a bee string that proceeded to itch. Okay still not that bad. And after about two weeks I even did one of my own shots!! Go me!!

And now we wait for the progesterone shots to start (much bigger needle)!!

Thanks for following!

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