Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tomorrow is the big T day!!!

Ok, so tomorrow will bring lots of nervousness yet lots of excitement since tomorrow will be the day we thaw and transfer 2 of the 3 blastocysts we have waiting in a freezer, quite odd? Yes I agree. Anyway, let's reflect on what it took to get us here. After the consensus I will not be able to magically conceive and carry my own child we turned to the "scientific way" to conceive our baby then turned to my awesome sister who was willing to carry our baby for us. Then we had lots of blood work done, paperwork to fill out, ultrasounds etc. to make sure everything would be good to go. Then we had to pick a donor (yes from a few sheets of paper filled with family history and baby pictures) and we just so happened to pick one with a cute baby picture might I say. After all was said and done we had to meet with a lawyer. I am pretty sure I happened to pick the most expensive lawyer in Seattle, hey we did get a meeting room on the 13th floor looking over Puget Sound that has to count for something right!? Then Jennifer had to meet with a psych doctor to make sure she really isn’t crazy for wanting to do this and of course she passed with flying colors, was there any doubt? The next step was to create our beautiful little balls of cells and freeze them. After all that was done we could start Jennifer on her meds  thus, leading us to today, the day before our transfer.
Our fingers are crossed and we will be using our good luck charms for tomorrow. We are hoping it all works out but we understand that it is out of our control and nothing we did or didn't do will cause it to take or not. Positive thoughts everyone!!!

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