Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finally some news!

I hope everyone had a great turkey day! I know mine and Jennifer's was fantastic with amazing "Dark Thursday" and Black Friday shopping! Sorry for the delay of updating our blog but things have been quite slow on the news front. Now on to the baby details. Jesse and I (and Jennifer of course! Thanks again sis) recently went shopping to pick out a "baby." It seemed like an exhausting feat but after much consideration we feel as if we had made a great choice as to which donated embryo we will go with. Woohoo! As I had previously said, we can't do a natural cycle with donated embryos so we would have to go with the medicated route...wrong! Our clinic has never transferred a donated embryo with a "known" embryo (ours), so our clinic put together a little meeting to discuss what would be best for us to be successful. You see, Jen is a little, shall we say, competitive and, well, you know she was quite the overachiever when it came to responding to the meds, so maybe if we did more of a natural cycle her body will accept the pregnancy. She did have 3 flawless pregnancies after all! So it's settled we will be doing a natural cycle. I know Jen is excited since that means less shots and I'm totally excited to be sort of a test subject for the clinic. This is such of an amazing opportunity for us.

Our tentative calendar was recently emailed to us and it looks as though Jennifer will be on birth control until the end of December. We will then go for an ultrasound on cycle day 2-3, if everything looks good she will start ovulation predictors on cycle day 8.  Then another ultrasound on day 10.  Then ultrasounds everyday or so to see when she will ovulate.  Then a shot of HCG.  Then transfer 6 days later, which should be mid January or so. AAHH! 

My fingers and toes and whatever else will be crossed that this will work for us!


  1. Fingers and toes crossed for you here too! Wishing you the best.

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