Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Decision Time

We had our doctor meeting yesterday to discuss our failed cycle and the next steps we will take. As you may already know we only have one embryo left to transfer. If we choose to transfer just the one we only have a 40-50% chance of it taking, yes I know it only takes one! We discussed starting right away with a natural cycle, as in going off of Jen's regular cycle and not adding the meds to force the cycle. One of the other options that I came up with, but didn't know if it was possible, is to add a donor embryo to our embryo, implant 2 and increase our chances by another 25% or so, while keeping the costs down for us. Our clinic has never done this before but didn't see a problem with it and given our history believed we seemed like the perfect couple for it and so gave us the ok. We will have to have a DNA test done after it/they are born so we know  its/their genetics. If we go this route we will have to start Jen again on the meds (sorry Jen I know the natural cycle sounded good to you ;) ) in December and do the transfer the beginning of January. We wouldn't be able to do it in December because the clinic takes a holiday break. We put some thought in our final decision and decided that was the route for us! We will be adding a donor embryo to our embryo and implant them into Jennifer the beginning of January! I am trying to contain my excitement since I know that there is a chance it doesn't work the way we hope but.......WAHOO!! We are waiting to hear back from our clinic to get a tentative calender for Jen and donor embryo profiles. Stay tuned!

Thanks for all the awesome support! You guys are wonderful!

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  1. I found you through Life and Love in the Petri Dish. I do know of another sister/sister surro blog. She hasn't written for a while, but her journey as the surro is still there if you're interested. I'm sure she'd be willing to talk to you, too, if you emailed her. (I am FB friends with her, too.) (I chose this post because it gives a brief history of the blog.)

    Wishing you both good luck!