Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh my!

Hey everyone! I'm so glad to see Jen has filled you in on our latest updates. Thanks Jen ;). I believe it's my turn to fill you in on what's gone on the last day or so. Sunday we went in for another ultrasound and bloodwork. The follicle was measuring 16mm and needed to be around 18mm, her estrogen needed to be above 150 but wasn't quite there but her lining was perfect! Back in Monday she went. Again her follicle was not much bigger and her bloodwork came back at 113.....err! Tuesday she went back again. This time everything looked amazing! Follicle was at 20mm, estrogen was at 190! Way to go Jen! So we got the green light to give her a shot in the gut which will release her eggs. Here's where it gets crazy....ready? We transfer the embryos this coming Monday! Oh my! I can't believe we made it here again! I'm feeling every emotion you can think of! Ahhh! Okay, breath! So excited! So nervous!

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