Monday, January 7, 2013

Hi Again!

It’s me Jennifer and yes I am finally blogging again! Although you can thank Brenna, she has been harping on me almost daily. I haven’t been on since the failed transfer and I am truly sorry, but thankfully Brenna has been keeping you all updated. My family had a wonderful and as always very chaotic holiday.

Let me explain a little about my lack of blogging. Not only are three kids a handful but the failed cycle sucked! I think going into round one we fully expected everything to work out, I mean why wouldn’t it? I had three successful pregnancies, Brenna deserved it, and all my numbers were off the charts. What?? Doesn’t work that way? Remember during my 2 week wait I was in FL, well the entire time I felt like crap so naturally I was pregnant. I think deep down I knew it didn’t happen, but I wasn’t fully willing to admit it. It was so heartbreaking to see the look on Brenna and Jesse’s faces when the results came in, I felt horrible. And yes, I have been told “it’s not your fault” but really(?!) how could I not feel responsible, all I had to do was hold a pregnancy. And then came the drop in hormones! I thought the hormones were bad; just wait until you stop them.

So now here we are we are doing a natural cycle this time. (!!!) I did the first of several ultrasounds last week. I start the ovulation tests tomorrow and another ultrasound on Thursday. Based on the results I would then do a trigger shot sometime at the end of this week and in six days we try another transfer. Going into this round I am more knowledgeable on the process, but slightly more nervous of the outcome.  All the positive thoughts are welcome!!! I will update again soon (I promise).

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