Saturday, May 18, 2013

A crazy week!

Oh boy! What a week we have had. Found out Jen has a cyst on her ovary (very common) which means we have to put our transfer off a month, had to make a really big decision, had our house broken into and to top it off had to clean up my nephew who got sick everywhere! What can I say? I love every bit of my crazy little life ;).

Okay, here's the really big decision we had to make, we have decided to put our transfer off for more than one month. The summer seems to be a busy schedule for everyone with all the vacations and fun we have which makes it really hard to make the drive to Seattle all the time for appointments and the transfer. When we transfer the embryos, we have no idea what day it will be until the last minute. We want to be fair to everyone, we are putting our transfer off until August and discuss it again then. Emotionally I am excited for a break too!

My husband and I have also been looking into foster to adopt. We will attend an orientation in June. I'm very excited! We will be posting our foster to adopt journey here too. If anyone has any insight on foster to adopt I'd love to hear from you! We have a long journey ahead of us but I am ready for "motherhood".


  1. This blogger is in the process of foster to adopt with 2 darling one's...a boy and a girl. Here is her link, I'm sure she has lots of great advice!

    Hugs and prayers for you.

  2. Please also go read this blogger. She adopted her son through the "Foster to adopt" and she is now thinking about about adopting his biological sister the same way. good luck!

  3. Hugs about having to put off the transfer, but better to put it off until the right moment it seems like.

    And good luck with all the foster/adoption path. I know some people who have had great success with it, so if it feels like the right path for you, I hope it works out :)