Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey there!

So Jennifer is slacking again ;) she was supposed to update you all on everything. That's ok, I have her back! So yesterday Jennifer went in for an ultrasound to determine if she has successfully passed all of the pregnancy. Everything looked good and nothing was left and her blood work was back at 0. Jen is doing good and said it wasn't as bad as she had thought is was going to be.

So what happens next you ask? Well it just so happens that we have a phone meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the next cycle. We already know that we will be doing donated embryos and hopefully another natural cycle. Not too sure about the time line yet but I guess we will be finding out tomorrow! I will update sometime tomorrow to let you all know the details :) Hopefully we still have some readers out there!


  1. Sending prayers and lots of baby dust your way!!! Hugs:)